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As a portrait photographer, my primary focus is to capture the unique essence of each individual I photograph. I understand  that every person is different and that each photograph is a unique opportunity to capture their individuality. My goal is to create images that are true to the subject's essence by taking the time to communicate with them, to learn about their perspectives and how they want to be portrayed.This allows me to create images that are true to their essence.

I have come a long way from only photographing myself and those closest to me to now exploring the art of capturing the likenesses of strangers. In the past, I have focused on using photography as a means of self-expression. But as I have gained confidence in my abilities as a portrait photographer, I have learned to step back and allow my subjects to take center stage, while still maintaining my own vision as the artist.

As a child, I had a strange  dream of meeting every single person in the world. Though I may never achieve that dream, through photography, I am able to meet and connect with a wide range of individuals. Each portrait I create is a reflection of that connection and a visual representation of the person I met, at that moment in time. 

So this is you, I met you not too long ago, and this is how I saw you.

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