​It took me a very long time to dare and proceed from photographing myself and the people closest to me, to try using the same tools to capture portraits of people who are almost complete strangers to me.

It's not easy to photograph people, but somehow of all the different varieties of photography, this is the one I understand the most.

Realizing I cannot photograph two people the same way, I would invite you to tell me a few things about yourself, about how you see yourself, how you want to be portrayed and perceived by others.


When I was less confident about this type of photography, I focused more on telling my story through the person I was photographing. As I became more confident, I allowed myself to let the people I was photographing tell their stories, without losing myself in their story, or fearing that their stories would overshadow or undermine my choices as a photographer.


When I was a child, I had a strange dream; I dreamed of meeting all the people in the world. Every single one. I have no idea why exactly .. But I could actually imagine myself fulfilling this dream and meeting more and more and more people until I meet the last person on earth and would have to find a new dream. Sometimes when I photograph portraits, I feel a part of this dream still lives within me.


So this is you, I met you not too long ago, and this is how I saw you.